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Where did you get this?

I often have friends asking me about home decor items and where I purchased them from. So I decided to write a blog about my 3 favorite local stores because most likely I bought it there.

Gatehouse No1 located in Orem, UT

I have been walking the floors of that store for about 2 decades! When we first got married we used to live right behind them. Walking distance for all kinds of eye candy decor and furnishings. As a typical newlywed, we couldn't afford most of the items from there, but boy I dreamed!!!

From my early trips to their store, I always felt connected somehow. I felt at home there. Their timeless elegance and feminine design spoke into my European soul as no other store did! I have been in love with them for a very long time!

Elements Furniture and Accessories located in Spanish Fork, UT

Before I move on to telling you why I choose to shop there, I must tell you how much I love the owners!!!! Joye and Stacy are the kindness, sweetest, most talented people you will ever meet! Although their shop has mostly accessories, they are a full designing firm and it is very possible that they just might have exactly what you are looking for furniture wise as well. So if you are there and don't see what you are looking for, ask one of their talented designers to see if they do have your dream item at a different location. On that note....they are expanding and I believe they will have a much larger store in the very near future!

And my 3rd, final store......I don't think I need to do much introduction.

I'm pretty sure there isn't a soul on the planet that doesn't love them!

Oh, Target!!! How do we all love you!!!

Let me give you 3 reasons why I love Target!

1. Magnolia

2. StudioMcgee

3. Price & Design

-the end!!!!

But really Target is just so good!

And we are all blessed because of it.

Their design is on point, their price is awesome and your home will look beautiful!

Hope you enjoyed this little read. What are your favorite stores?

Till next time



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