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R&J Home

"I wanted to create a calm, beautiful, relaxing family room, but without Anya, it never would have happened. When it comes to buying furniture, I feel paralyzed because I'm never sure how things will go together or how to arrange things. From the start, Anya was enthusiastic & made my hopes seem possible. She also wasn't afraid to tell me that space had limits due to size or budget, or that some pieces I liked were beautiful but didn't fit the style we had chosen.

It was a very collaborative process and I loved that Anya didn't hesitate to bring me new options if there was a piece I didn't love. She brought in elements I wouldn't have thought of. And she adjusted the smallest details -- like lining up the drapery stripes -- to make things perfect.

Anya has a lovely Russian accent, paired with a warmth and charm that reminded me of someone from the South. She is attentive and responsive. And we now have a beautiful gathering space where everyone loves to be."

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