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A&M Home

"My wife and I are somewhat (very) challenged when it comes to home decoration. We have been married 13 years, lived in 5 homes, and each house was embarrassingly decorated. We bought our new home approximately a year ago and looked around for a quality home decorator.

We were referred to Anya by 2 different people, so we ended up giving her a call. We are so HAPPY that we made the decision to hire her. From the very first call and a home visit, throughout our journey, Anya has been very professional, detailed, prompt, and follows up like a champ! And the best part....our home decorations have gone from bare-bones to AMAZING! 

Anya has done a wonderful job making our home look and feel cozy and beautiful. We are no longer shamed into inviting people (LOL) and love to show off our house...ALL BECAUSE OF ANYA!!

I would give her 50 stars if possible, and would absolutely HIGHLY  recommend her for your home decorating needs!"

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