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The origins of Anya's Decor

Today as I thought about Mothers, I realized that much of my love for interior design I owe to my Mom. I grew up in a magically beautiful and richly historical city of St.Petersbur, Russia.

Much of what influenced my current home was greatly influenced by that old European world mix.

My childhood home under the communist regime, although architecturally beautiful on the outside, housed families in the most humble ways.

Our apartment included 5 bedrooms (one per family) and a large kitchen with two stoves and a single oven. There was only one bathroom with a very large bathtub all of which were shared between 5 families, including that bathtub that we also used for doing our laundry... by hand!

My actual home that I lived in till I was 18

I slept on a bed and my mom used a sofa sleeper, both of which were separated by only a large wardrobe. That same room housed TV, a couple of chairs, and a dining table. Oh yes, also our fridge was there as well.

It was tight and humble but looking back I remember her rearranging and changing things around ALL. THE. TIME! Yet in spite of this, when we would have a sit-down diner, my mother would always make it beautiful! Adding florals and greenery to our tablescape. I just remember thinking that she does such a good job of making things beautiful around us.

It seemed as though her mind was always looking for ways to spruce up our little living space. I remember the wallpaper changing SO. MANY. TIMES. Adding shelving inside our wall that looks like a built-ins and rearranging decorations seasonally.

She didn't have a lot to work with, but she made it work beautifully! Thank you mom for planting the seed for creating beautiful spaces around me.



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