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Today, social media is full of talented and inspiring people/accounts. I'd like to share just a few of my favorites and why I choose to follow them.

1. AliceLaneHome or/and AliceLaneInteriors

First of all their style and aesthetic is just stunning! I can stare at each of their photographs for a long time, and I do! I study it out! It's just like an art to me.

Although their design is geared towards the high-end styling, one of my favorite things about this business is their Podcast. It' called Dear Alice and you can find it on Itunes.

You guys, this podcast it's phenomenal!!!! They truly demystify high-end design and make it approachable and make you feel like you can create beautiful spaces for you and your family! Just give it a go, you will be hooked! Love'em!

2. RemingtonAvenue