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Your Art Therapy

Updated: May 3, 2020

Did you know that "arts can provide a diagnostic image of culture and the individual, and provide healing for mental and physical health"?

"Studies show that the artistic endeavor may reduce stress and health complaints, improve immune function, provide both physical and psychological benefits, and even help people live longer."

Click here to read a study about the importance and effects of art in our lives.

Maybe it's my European upbringing, but I've always believed in the power of art and music (which is another form of art--may be a post for another day).

Art has both a silent voice and a grand impact. It's deeply intimate and personal. Two people can look at the same painting and feel different emotions.

I have to get to know my clients before I can help them choose artwork. Their art isn't just about their style but who they are as people. What's more, what purpose will the room serve? That also informs the choices we make about art.