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Glass Matters

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Is it February already? My goodness time is flying by and honestly, I'm happy about it, for that means spring is just around the corner. I love springtime!

If you are following me on IG then you' ve probably seen me talking about a gallery wall, or more specifically art glass, quite a bit there. I have been getting a few questions from you about the art glass and so I thought I will put my thoughts in here for you to refer to when you ready to make a change.

So what is the Art Glass or some may call it Museum Glass?

Museum glass is basically non-reflective glass. It controls reflection from surrounding light sources, as well as being super clear so you can see more detail on your artwork.

I have found a fantastic blog that details all about it here.

But basically it

*Almost eliminates all reflection

*Blocks UV rays

* Brightens colors

*Protects from aging of your framed art

*It's more durable and easy to clean

In my home, my gallery wall is right in front of the big living room window and so it was always tricky to see pictures, due to the light reflection. Since changing it to museum glass, we have no problem viewing the memories of our family, framed on the wall.

One more thing. It is important that your pictures are printed matte finish, to assure 100% non-reflective image.

Here are videos of my gallery wall that you can see side by side of before and after installing museum glass.

And some up-close pictures or before and after.

The top is before the glass. I'm surprised how much more color I can see now. Next, is to print non-glassy photo prints.

Hope this has answered some of your questions about Art/Museum Glass.



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