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Seduced by the Dark Side

Hello, Lovelies,

I hope you're enjoying the fresh air, warmer days and all that comes with spring.

If you are new here, welcome! If you're an oldie, then you probably know how much I LOVE darker tones in design. I know they aren't for everyone, and of course I wouldn't paint every room in my house a dark color--that would be depressing. But I sure find richness, sophistication and--may I even say--seduction when darker tones are brought into a space.

So lets talk about the do's and don'ts of going to the "dark side."

Natural light can be a crucial factor when choosing to paint walls dark. You want sophistication, but you don't want to feel locked in a dungeon, right? I said "can be" because there are always exceptions to the rules of design. Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder.

You need to ask yourself, "What's the purpose of this room?" For example, in a bedroom you may want to create a feeling of warmth and intimacy, and in that case natural light might not be as important.

Besides, you'll likely have at least some natural light--unless your room doesn't have windows. In that case, please don't paint that room dark. It will definitely feel like a dungeon.