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Thoughts on Flooring, part 2

Hey there,

Hope you all had a wonderful break from a busy life and were able to enjoy being with your loved ones.

If you missed part 1 of my thoughts on flooring, you can read it here, where I talked about the pros and cons of solid hardwood vs engineered floors.

In todays post Im going to talk about solid hardwood vs porcelain planks (tile), that looks like wood. So lets dive into what I feel is important to consider, when looking into these options.


Classic. Timeless. Beautiful. Case closed!

Just kidding. I do love hardwood floors but there are some pros & cons to it for sure.

Hardwood Advantages

-Easier to replace than tile, do to installation process

-Improves your home value. You'll sell faster and at a higher price

-Solid hardwood last FOREVER

-You can change the stain in years to come, to go with the latest trend

-It is much, much warmer to the touch. So if you live in a climate where it gets cold, hardwood is your friend

-The material is easier on your feet and back

-If you are a pet lover, it is also easier for their four legs

Although, you can buy a very plush bed that they will love you for. Here is my favorite. Its a bit pricey but the reviews are amazing and right now their entire website is 60% off.

Here is a site with a bit more wallet friendly.

Can you tell I have a dog?

Hardwood Disadvantages

-Can scratch and will need to be refinished

-Hardwood and water don't get along. Leaky fridge or dishwasher can create quite the chaos.

-If you have wood colored cabinets, it is harder to find stain that correlates with your floors.

(I just recently was helping a friend with this problem and they will need to paint their cabinets to achieve cohesiveness in their home)

-Solid hardwood can be thicker. Make sure that it doesn't hit your existing doors in a way that it prevents from opening freely. Especially if you have a rug in that area combine with a rug that will add thicknessSame goes for your appliances, you may not have enough room to go up, for your build in dishwasher or fridge. This obviously, doesn't apply to everyone, but it is important to look into it, before you paid the bill.

Porcelain planks (Tile), that looks like hardwood

Tile Advantages

-Scratch proof, water proof

-Endless choices of color and design

-Very low maintenance

Tile Disadvantages

-Usually more expensive to install, due to prep work. So add that labor cost into your total pricing when comparing prices between hardwood and tile.

-Stylistically it get outdated much faster, and the only option is to replace it. Which is more labor intensive and costly.

-Slippery when wet. Dogs hate tile floors.

-It is noisier service and sound will echo through the house.

-Super cold on your feet. But if you live in a hot climate, then tile is your friend. Otherwise, plan to invest in a few rugs or installing radiant heat under your tile.

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If you are planning on doing it yourself, here is one of my favorite places to shop and score a bargain.

Hope this was of help to you, and as always, let me know what other topics interest you and I will work on getting it here.

XO, Anya

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