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Break the Rules...sometimes

I have recently moved a few pieces of furniture around in my living room. Which created an open space to place an end table, chest, console table, something.

On my IG stories 87% of you said to go with a chest.

Thank you for your help, by the way.

Of course, as I shopped for all the chests, the ones that I LOVED were over my budget. Don't you hate when that happens?!

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Anyways, I looked around the house and came to find out that I had a nightstand that wasn't in use.

-hmmmm, can I put a nightstand in my living room?

Can you?

So I dragged my nightstand to my living room just to see how I like it there.....I liked it. It fits and it balanced with the rest of the room.

But my mind and my sweet husband, Troy, wondered if it was "design appropriate" to have it there. To put my mind at rest I searched it out. Guess, what I found out ?

Break the rules

Just because it is an end table or a nightstand or a chest it doesn't mean it has to go to a specific place. Bottom line, if it goes with style of your room and it's proportionally right, then use it in all the places your heart desires!

Hope this was helpful in someway.

Do you have a design question? Personal question? Anything you'd like to see in this space? I'm gearing up for the upcoming year and would love this space to serve you in some way. So leave a comment below and I will do my best to blog about it.

As always, see you here next time,

XO, Anya

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